Thursday, March 8, 2007

There's some scary people out there...

Here I am, blithely wandering about on the internet while on interminable hold with some insurance company, and I find this. There are a lot of Americans still in the 50's blinded, willingly, by stupidity, hate and ignorance. I guess they think it's fun to be an idiot. Does Hillary = Communism? Have they ever read a word of what Che Gueverra wrote? It's always amazing to me that Americans equate Che with Fidel.. Scary.

Anyway here's where I found that nasty link. I think it's good to read these Christian Right Wing sites, just to see what they are up too. I remember one year the then-president Reagan sent me an anti-abortion packet. This thing was a whole advertising-type packet with a letter saying how he pledged to overturn Roe v Wade and asking me to send money. I don't know how the hell they got me on that list. But it was good to pass around and show people what he was saying behind the scenes.

So let's see what the good people at WorldNetDaily are up to:

You can invest in Zion Oil, drilling in Israel according to instructions from the bible. The guy says god told him to help Israel by drilling there for oil? You gotta be kidding me.

Amazing! Someone has finally exposed the left wing obsession with global warming.

A college librarian gets to keep his job after recommending some pretty heinous book selections, including one authored by Rick Santorum. Have you actually read anything that this guy has said? Look here and you won't believe it. No wonder the congress has made some of the most backasswards decisions in the past 6 years, with guys like this leading our country. Shameful and embarrassing that these people have gotten to such positions of power.

Oh, and of course the genius Ann Coulter's essay on why Libbey is only a victim of left wing conspiracy and Joe Wilson is the real criminal. Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Honestly when are these people gonna WAKE THE FUCK UP?!?!
Now back to our regularly scheduled program....

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