Monday, March 5, 2007

God, please let this be true...

If this is really Jesus' tomb, it would be the greatest discovery ever! If this were Jesus' tomb, and the whole of Christianity were toppled, it wouldn't it just be great? If Jesus were married, if he actually fucked a woman and had a kid, if Jesus' bones are still on earth, and didn't actually rise into heaven... then all those self righteous bible -toting spewers of hate have absolutely nothing to base their beliefs upon. Oh... wait... that's right, they don't have anything to base their beliefs on already.... but, hey, you know what I mean.
All the Tim LaHaye followers, including G. W. Bush, would keep right on proselytizing, claiming that, like all science, this latest discovery is put here by the Devil to test their faith. Trust me, I was raised in this muck and I know all about it. Of course, you and I know the truth anyway, but maybe if this turns out to be the actual tomb, it would cast a deafening pall on the whole mythology.
I really don't mind Christianity, as long as it's treated as just mythology-- only significant as a tool to achieve something of a higher ... oh who am I kidding, I can't stand it. It's the most selfish of all religions... "who gives a shit about the earth, or all the sinners on it, as long as I, me, myself get into to heaven "because I'm so GOOOOD, and you AREN'T." That's what it boils down for me. And if it crashes into the abyss, and could take all the others along with it, it would only be a great improvement.

Just my thought for the day;)


Christopher C. in Hawaii said...

Holy Frickin Cow!

That could put a major crimp in the whole Divinity myth and the defined idea of the mean old man talking God head.

Has this been on the front page of any major media?

anile said...

yep, it's gonna be on Discovery channel sometime soon. Of course it's being disproven on many fronts... christians and archeologists are skeptical. But hey, we can hope can't we?