Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I bought this cute little canary palm to make a bonsai. I've never done this before with any plant, and there isn't much on the internet, an nothing in books about palms as bonsai. But I figured a mini-palm tree would be so cool, and if it dies, it only cost 6 bucks...

So here's my little pot-bound palm.

I had to figure out what kind of pot to use. I didn't really feel drawn to any of the traditional pots I looked at. Yesterday I went out to Building Resources. They do a lot of very creative things with junk. I was inspired. (I also bought a bunch of stuff to make a water fountain.. more on that in a few days.)

I found this old lighting fixture for 5 bucks, turned it upside down, covered the hole with mesh and voila! a perfect planter!

So here we go... the first cut is the deepest! I read that you need to wash all the soil out of the roots and cut them off. I read a few books and none of them give much instruction as far as root pruning goes.

I may have gone too far!

The one reference I did find online said that palms were super easy, and to just use plain potting mixture, preferably one with a lot of sand for support. I used the ubiquitous SuperSoil.

Here's the end result so far. We'll see if I killed it or not. Maybe I should remove a few fronds. I hope he lives because he sure is cute!


Anonymous said...

You may have inspired me Anile!

anile said...

heh... well I may have killed it. It was soooo pot bound. If I do it again, i would take it out of the pot, really untangle the roots, maybe prune just a tiny bit, repot in a bigger normal pot and let it grow for a month or so, then pull it up and do the bonsai root pruning. thank way the roots have a chance to grown out a little before chopping off so much. anyway, I'm doing some foliar feeding in hopes of getting it over the shock. it's all an experiment anyway, as if i don't already have enough going on... lol!

jbjazzguy said...

There are little palm babies growing all over my back yard, I'm going to try potting a few and see what happens. I got the bonsai bug a few years ago and have had some success.