Thursday, March 22, 2007


I can't believe I got tickets to see Bjork! Woohoo! I love her so much, she's amazing and we will be there, Sec. 202, Row P. I really hate the Shoreline, but, whatever, she's worth it!

The tickets are on presale today


chuck b. said...

She is SUCH a trip. I wonder what she's like. I'd guess she's either a lot of fun, or really hard to take.

Anyhoo... did whatsisname say we could turn in the soils mid-term in class on Wednesday? I haven't even looked at it yet. I know at one point he said he wanted them delivered by today...but then as I was leaving he started to say it would it be okay to turn it in later. I was out the door before he finished that sentence.

And is it open-book, or we not supposed to use the book? Sorry for the mostly off-topic comment.

anile said...

just hand it in wed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anile

Ran across this and thought of you.


anile said...

Very cool Ginger. Thanks for the link, I love that pic!