Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tour updates...

How exciting can it get? It makes me feel lucky that I got up close to the stage winners on the very first day!
Let's see- Graeme Brown won stage 1 and

Jens Voight won stage 3! Look at him on that low rider! Heeheeheehee

I didn't get any pics of JJ Haedo, who won stage 2. But I saw him win stage 1 last year, and that was cool for him to win a stage two years in a row!
Today, Stage 3, was the most exciting yet. Spoiler ahead...

So I haven't been following cycling but 3 years now, and I haven't had the fortune to see an early breakaway succeed like it did today. And the amazing thing is that, after absolutely no-one would help Levi move the peloton up to catch the breakaway, he did it all by himself. He had to prove to the others that he really did deserve the yellow (gold/mustard/whatever) jersey after the rules were changed yesterday.
For a while there I really thought that Levi was going to be stuck in the peloton and lose the lead. BTW, what's up with Mr. Sexy Ivan Basso? Where is he? Being a good teammate, I guess. I was wondering who Team Discovery was going to get behind, and I guess we have our answer now. LEVI! Maybe Basso's saving up for later in the season.
Levi's performance was brilliant. It really comes down to mental toughness, strategy, training and absolute hunger for the win. Unless he stuck a testosterone patch on his balls... well, he was tested right away, so we'll see.
Congrats to our man Chris Horner for being right up front to the very finish! And to Jens Voight for the win. He deserves it!

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