Thursday, February 1, 2007

Silver Linings

Well, I can with new awareness that the benefit of having an abolutely miserable fucking day at work makes it actually a JOY when later you are in soils class lsitting through 4 hours of anions, cations, covalence bonds and inverse logarithmic pH tables. Seriously! And the fun thing about being back in a class like this is that you realize just how much of that freshman college chemistry class really did sink into your brain. You just have to nudge it a lot to get it to come up to the surface again.

I'm yearning for a little bit of this...

Have a great day everyone!


chuck b. said...

How did it go last night? I left after the first break.

anile said...

Well, of course you would have been bored to tears!. ;) but for the
rest of us non-scientists, it was a difficult review. I actually
thought Malcolm did a good job of presenting the stuff we need to
know, which seems overwhelming, without going too far... I'm tellin'
ya, since my foray into Santa Rosa, I have a new appreciation for the
So yeah, we went over pH, which is so confusing since it's an inverse
representation. I think a few of us are getting together to study at
some point.
Next week we'll get more into why pH is so important to nutrient
uptake for plants, so you might be bored in that class as well, but I
think we'll be moving forward from the remedial review into soil
specific stuff.

We have some homework but I don't have the book with me... I'll email
you later with the details...
A ;)