Friday, February 9, 2007

Kites of DOTA

DOTA is the Black Rock City Department of Tethered Aviation, my freaky family from all over the world who gather each year at Burning Man to create art, chaos, hang out and, most importantly, fly kites. This is a tribute to the kites of DOTA over the years and the artists who make and fly them. (in no particular order at all)

Tim Elverston made this Cursor kite in 2005.

Mort and Ginny Linder created this steel kite sculpture in 2004 and it's become a camp icon.

Mark Ricketts built our mylar Spirit Kites in 2004.

Tristan models Ty Billings' tie-dyed kites.

The Red Line Project kite was designed and built by Dean Jordan, sewn by members of DOTA in 2005. This 200 sq. foot kite with a tail approaching a quarter of a mile has been flown many times in many places since.

Our Ghost kites were designed by Dean Jordan, built and sewn by DOTA members and flown in 2005 and 2006.

The Man- designed and built by Chris Shultz in 2006.

The Morpho kite, designed and built by Tim Elverston and Ruth Whiting.

The Red Line is launched at Marina Green in San Francisco.

The Red Line high in the sky.

Me flying the Man.

Morphos at sunset.

Ghost kites and the Man kite fly over Burning Man at night.

Spinflight bus built by Mar Ricketts in 2003.

Katri flying Dean Jordan's Airform kite.

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