Friday, February 23, 2007

Time Trial results

While we are waiting for results... some yummy yum pics for you!
Ivan Basso

Paolo Bettini

Tom Danielson- OMG I'm gonna faint!

the above pics thanks to Coda2
the following pics thanks to KWC
Georgie and Lance

OK we just had an earthquake....but it wasn't very big...
So now to the official results:
Stage individual results:
1. Levi DSC

2. Jens CSC

3. Jason McCartney DSC

4. Cancellera CSC
5. Georgie DSC
6. Julich CSC
9. Basso DSC
14. Danielson DSC

Overall GC Standings:
1. Levi DSC
2. Jens CSC
3. Jason DSC
4. Bobby CSC
5. Van de Velde CSC
6. O'Grady CSC

Overall Team Standings:
1. CSC
2. DSC
3. TMO

Race leaders:
KOM- Christophe Laurent CA
Sprint- JJ Haedo CSC
GC Leader- Levi Leipheimer DSC
Best young rider- Robert Gesink RAB

Jens and Levi beat everyone else by a huge margin! It's all out war between these 2 now for the yellow jersey. But Jens is a full 21 seconds behind, so it's not so easy. Discovery team finished strong! See ya tomorrow!

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