Monday, October 13, 2008

No One wants to be seen as a Republican...

OK, this is really interesting:

I LOVE Daily Kos, because people from all over the country write in with their views and experiences.
Here's some more good news:
My second cousin is working for Obama in Georgia. He is one of the few white and democrat people in his small town, and he gets all kinds of threats, I'm sure. So good job Byron! It's easy to work for Obama here in San Francisco, but you have to really fight against ignorance in other places of the country and I am proud of my cousins, brother and sister-in-law for supporting Obama!

In addition, get some facts on ACORN:
I heard an interview with one of the federal attorneys fired by Gonzales, David Iglesias. He was pressured by Republican members of his district to investigate voter fraud. He found only one irregularity... a woman who was being paid by the signature who was making up names to get paid more. I said to prove a charge of voter fraud, someone has to actually vote using a false name, And further, to prove a charge of intent to fraud, you must show that the person was motivated to subvert the election. In this case, the criminal's intent was to make herself some extra money, she could not have cared less about the election. The charges of voter fraud were dropped... other charges applied, but not voter fraud. If I remember correctly, this was the one and only case he found, after spending thousands of taxpayer dollars investigating phony reports. You can hear for yourself...

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