Friday, October 10, 2008

The Annenberg Foundation supports guess-who?
In 1968 William Ayers was leader of the Weatherman, a well known domestic terrorist organisation.
In 1993 William Ayers, Anne Hallett, and Warren Chapman decided to apply for a grant from the Annenberg Foundation for $49.2 Million to improve and reform Chicago's public schools.
In 1994 Ayers, Hallett and Chapman gathered a 73-member Chicago School Reform Collaborative Working Group from organizations involved in school reform to help them draft a proposal which was submitted to Vartan Gregorian, president of Brown University, for review and approval. Adele Smith Simmons, Deborah Leff, and Patricia Albjerg Graham helped negotiate its approval by Gregorian.
In 1995, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was awarded the $49.2 millon grant by the Annenberg Foundation.
Who are these scary people that showed such poor judgement that they were willing to fund and work with a known domestic terrorist? Republicans who support McCain.
See who it is...

State Prosecutor regarding Ayers:

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