Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain/Palin tactics truly frighten me

Honestly... this kind of hate-mongering is so dangerous! What are they doing?!?!?! Is this what McCain calls "reaching across party lines?"

Please write your congress persons, your news media outlets, and tell them how dangerous this is. I also wrote to Gov. Arnold and Senator Leiberman, trying to appeal to their consciousness.
I also wrote the Republican National Congress with the following letter:,,,,
Dear Madames and Sirs,
The kind of hate speech that we hear being condoned, encouraged and agreed upon during McCain/Palin rallies is truly frightening to me. McCain speaks of uniting congress and the country. Is this how he means to do it? Is this "country first"? By inciting crowds of people to rise up against the government? Honestly, this is scaring the shit out of me. What is going to happen if Obama wins? Are all these crazy socialist-fearing folks that you have been encouraging going to come out of the wood work and, god forbid, try to hurt him in the name of "freedom"? McCain should have corrected the speaker in this video and toned the fervor down. This is highly irresponsible. At this time we need to be coming together, not being divided. Why are you taking this tact?!? Doesn't anyone see how dangerous what you are doing is? Why won't you stop this kind of campaigning? I am truly afraid for our country.

PLEASE! think about what you are doing and rise to a higher level. For the sake of our country.

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