Monday, April 7, 2008

Opening Day 2008

Today Terry and I met friends Ginger and Rory at the ballpark for Giants Opening Day. Aren't they fabulous?

The opening ceremony was all about the Giants team of 1958. Before the Giants and Dodgers came to California, St. Louis was the westernmost baseball team. On an April day in 1958 the two teams played at Seal's Stadium and baseball was here to stay!

Several members of that team are still with us and were cheered by the crowd as they circled the field in 1958 autos. One of the best things about baseball is it's tradition and I love it when our team honors it's rich history.

Here's Felipe Alou:

And the Great Willie Mays:

Our friend Audrey is in here somewhere:

Here is our 2008 Giants team on the field after introductions. The team is made up of a lot of youngsters this year. We have very low expectations of the team over all, but it would be nice to watch these young men develope and perhaps claim their place in the league.

As for the park, not too much that's new, but there is this "special" plaque that honors all Giants who have hit over 500 homeruns. Barry's in there, but there is no mention anywhere of his surpassing Aaron's homerun record. What a bunch of hypocrites run this team. They milk the record run for every freakin' cent and then erase it all. They must be ashamed right? Yeah, right.

I love baseball and I love the Giants, but I am angered at the tactics of the ownership group. Oh well, I wont' get started on that on this particular day... ;)

Anyways, one of the highlights of any game is the pre-game warmup stretch... Woot!

I ran into Sunny and her beautiful baby girl:

It was a gorgeous day by the bay, and we really had a good time seeing old friends again. Here's to another season of baseball!

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Anonymous said...


Oh you are the best. Great shots... I stole them.. hope that's ok! So good to see you and Terry. And as usual, fine job on the blog! Our youngsters are showing up for the games... Gamers.
Hope to you you again during the season.