Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing better in the world

Wow, there's nothing more exciting than a hockey playoff game! I've been fortunate enough to have been to several in San Jose and last night was an amazing game for our San Jose Sharks against the Calgary Flames in the quarterfinals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Here the players get ready to enter the rink:

For those who aren't into hockey... when a Canadian and a USA team play each other, they play both national anthems. I think I know all the words to "O Canada" by now.

I always enjoy getting to the "Shark Tank" early to watch our guys warm up. It's fun to see them interacting before the game gets intense.

I was trying to get a photo of my favorite Sharks player, number 27, Jeremy Roenick. He's a veteran player, who got a little too much into the Hollywood lifestyle, if you know what I mean, while he was signed to the LA Kings. Everyone thought he was washed up and he himself said that the NHL was trying to get rid of him. And honestly he did fake an injury to get paid during the strike, so he got a bad reputation and teams weren't interested. But his old friend on Wilson gave him a chance (after he cleaned up his act and worked hard for year to get back into shape) and here he is having a fantastic season. I'm always a sucker for those second chance stories, as I'm always hoping to get a few myself.

So the game gets underway...

Our guys on the bench:

The face-off circle:

Nabby makes a save!

Sharks WIN!!!!!!!

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