Friday, September 7, 2007

A Harsh Mistress

Burning Man 2007 was grueling, ecstatic, harsh, amazing, exhausting and rewarding. My fave moments were watching the eclipse then seeing the Man burn. I was so happy to see it happen finally. Finally someone got the balls to torch Disney Man and send the organizers a message of our discontent at the direction the festival is going in. I hope they dont' procecute. After all, isn't this kind of thing what Burning Man is supposed to be about???
Being able to be with my playa family is the best thing about spending a week in 110 degrees. I love all my campmates and being with them is an absolute gift .
The double rainbow after the 3rd day of white-out dust storms was a sweet and cherished reward.
And teaching rape/sexual assault awareness classes all over the city was both a personal accomplishment and a very emotional experience.
It was a wonderful amazing year and I can't wait until next year to do it all again!
Building camp:

Bicycle sculpture at Center Camp made of unclaimed lost bikes from years past.

Dancing at the opening ceremonies

Ember and Crimson Rose lighting the inaugural torch by using a mirror to focus the rays of the sun

Looking out of our dome towards the playa

Our camp

Looking through Virginia Linder's sculpture "Passages" to our tori gate and dome

Approaching dust storm

It's here! White-out conditions

Securing the camp during storms

A beautiful reward

Best friends

We were standing on top of this 100 foot tall "oil derrick"

The show before blowing the derrick up

There she blows!

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