Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dave's Dome

Our 30 foot dome was made in 2003 by our dear departed brother Dave Kennedy, one of the most amazing souls ever to grace this earth. Dave had the amazing ability to know what you need and have it in his hand before you even realized that you needed it. You could say, "Wow, my double helix 2.47 cm reverse slide ratchet bolt just busted" and you would turn around to cry and there would be Dave, holding it in his hand. "Hey. I made one yesterday, you know, just in case we needed it." No lie!
Well, I had the honor of adorning and decorating the dome this year, along with my boyfriend. We have never done this kind of fabric installation before, and believe me, it's harder than it looks. Never the less, we got it done and it doesn't look half bad. I hope you liked it Dave!!! xoxoxoo
Here's another lovely DOTA kite in the sky... with dust storm in the background of course!

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