Sunday, May 20, 2007

Of Mermaids and Stucco

Well, finally a year of my Saturday landscape construction classes has come to an end. And although I will be incredibly happy to have my weekends back, it's kind of sad, because I have learned such a tremendous amount in this class, and made great friends over the past year'. Hard to believe we won't be spending our Saturdays building together.... I'll really miss everyone!

Here is the redwood gate that Chris, Bill and I made. It marks the entrance into the formal garden. I'm very proud of the work we did.

Dana and Jen working on stucco.

I love the color! These wall looks much better now that the stucco is all done. It used to be bare concrete blocks..

And here is our mermaid. She's been stuck underneath some overgrown trees for about 25 years, and now she's out in the open, with her very own pool to frolic in every day. Just, please, don't call her Ariel!!!! ;)

My classmates overlooking the fruits of our year's work. There's still more lot's work to be done on the pools, but alas, that's up to next year's crew.

Our instructor, Robert, looks like a proud Papa!

Robert christens the pools...

Class photo for our last day.

My good friends; Dana, Kate and Bill


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