Thursday, May 3, 2007

Broken Flowers

Update on Chukka: She's still in the induced coma until she can be taken off the respirator. But she has stabilized and her mom and sister are there. Hurry up and come back to us Fishy!!!!!

Why oh why do bad things happen to such good people? God, yesterday was one crappy ass day, but all my petty gripes and complaints pale to the news I got... A friend of mine, who is travelling around in the Slavic countries to visit where her grandparents came from, was jumping on a train in Insbruck and somehow fell under the train and now lies in a hospital in a coma, with both legs amputated, in critical condition. This happened on the 27th, but her sister just now found out how to contact us. Her name is Chukka. She is a Burning Sister, a member of BED and a generous and loving friend. It was only a year ago that her husband, an EMT, stopped to help someone who had skidded off the road in Marin Co. and was hit and killed by a speeding motorist. It's just not fair, just not fair. My heart is broken. Please keep my friend Chukka in your prayers and thoughts, if you would. Life is so random. It's just not fair that one person has to feel so much pain. I'm just left asking "Why?"

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