Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weed Watchers

One of the things I'm doing now is training to become a Weed Watcher. This is a new program by the National Park Service which trains regular folks like you and me to survey and record invasive species in our national parks. On Thursday we went to the Marin Headlands at Rodeo Beach for our hike/training session.
The coast above Rodeo Beach:

Thursday was a good learning experience for getting to know our native plants. Right now is a great time, as many of the wildflowers as beginning to bloom. I got to see my very first Harlequin Flower Sparaxis tricolor. Incredibly beautiful!

Invasive species Calla Lilly Zantedeschia aethiopica in a gully:

Seaside Daisy Erigeron glaucus

The native Cow Parsnip
Heracleum lanatum is a member of the carrot family.

Another member of the carrot family, Footsteps of Spring
Sanicula arctopoides

Breathtaking coastal views:

Indian Paintbrush Castilleja applegatei

Lizardtail bush Eriophyllum staechadifolium

Dudleya farinosa (Live forever) next to a Checkerbloom Sidalcea malvaeflora flower.

Poisen Oak (also a native plant) growing up through

I fell in love with this native Horsetail

Invasive species, Vinca major, peering through the native Coyote Brush Baccharis pilularis

Our gorgeous little native iris, Blue-eyed Grass
Sisyrinchium bellum

Native Buttercup Ranunculus californicum

Native Wild Cucumber (or Manroot) Marah fabaceus is poisonous.

Our native California Morning Glory Calystegia macrostegia

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