Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Now for something completely different...

Do you know who this man is?

This is none other than a very grown up Harry Potter- Daniel Radcliffe. Wow!

I absolutely love the film Equus, and it really opened my eyes, seeing it at about age 16... not that I was all that innocent, but the film was extremely shocking, in it's depiction of masochism, inflicted cruelty, of a desperately injured psyche and the script's blatant questioning of society's desire to force every square peg into a round hole. I can't overstate how important this film was in opening my mind to question our view of what indeed is "normal" and why we need to cling to that concept so dearly.
The show with Daniel Radcliffe opens in London on Feb. 27. Oh- to be able to whisk off to London for a theater weekend! I'm sure the tickets will be hard to get. Le sigh...

Now this is kinda synchonistic in an erie way...
Orcas appear... sailor disappears...not really anything that makes sense- these orcas only eat salmon... it just serves to remind us again how dangerous the ocean is right off our city coast.

Start preserving our water now... no rain and no snow means no water for the dry season, and although they say not to worry yet, we can't help but be reminded of the drought years not so long ago... Meanwhile my landlord is out back watering the plants for the 3rd time this week... geez.

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